Ungdommens problem - men de voksenes ansvar

  • Trude Austad Gulliksen
Keywords: Bullying; relationship; narratives; marginalisation; exclusion; inclusion.


The article try to explore young peopleĀ“s relationships with friends/classmates or school workers, by trying to provide a deeper understanding of the importance of secure relationship, for young people having experience being bullied growing up. This article is written in collaboration with Marginalisation and Co-created Education (MaCE), an Erasmus+ project. Two interviews have been done through an unstructured interview guide, with an Indirect Approach (Moshuus & Eide, 2016). Trying to get answers without asking questions, in hope of getting their narratives. The aim is to learn more about how complexed social processes influences the relationships at school, when they have been exposed to bullying.