Henna Mistry


Social networking platforms have become an important tool for initiating and maintaining romantic relationships amongst the younger generation (Hand, Thomas, Buboltz, Deemer & Buyanjargal, 2013). This study examines and explores the attitudes towards the role of social media in romantic relationship and also investigates the term “Facebook Official” using a mixed methods design.  A total of 137 participants completed a questionnaire, which was divided into five categories: relationship status importance, public displays of affection, jealousy, surveillance and initiation, and were analysed by a MANOVA test. Furthermore, nine participants aged 21-40 were invited to take part in semi-structured interviews, which were analysed by thematic analysis. Results suggested that age, surveillance and initiation were significant factors in determining the attitude towards social media in relationships. From the interviews the themes that were uncovered were communication, surveillance, jealousy and interference of social media/others. Overall it was found from the study that there was a negative view towards social media in the older group compared to that of the younger generation.