Jonathan Barclay


This is a poster presentation of my Auto/ethnographic research into Non-Violent Political Radicalisation in Northern Ireland. Growing up in Northern Ireland and particularly when I was working in Belfast as a young man, I was unintentionally politically radicalised through my Protestant culture. Moving away from the political rhetoric of Northern Ireland allowed me to reflect on the anger I had towards the Nationalist community in Northern Ireland, which had no logical underpinning.  The aim of this study was to construct new knowledge on Non-Violent Political Radicalisation using my own personal story. Using Thematic analysis my story revealed four themes: Anger, Radicalisation, Royalism and Social  Development. Using the relevant literature and theory I critically reflected on these themes using Rolfe, Freshwater and Jasper’s (2001) reflective model of What? So What? Now What? The study revealed my arrested social development left me vulnerable to political ideology and Radicalisation, which child educators and policymakers in Northern Ireland need to be aware of. However, reflecting the difficulties of Radicalisation my anger could only be dealt with once I moved away from the ongoing political rhetoric. In summation, to see the difficulties in Northern Ireland as two conflicting cultures oversimplifies the problem, the British government needs to recognise the part they play in perpetuating the intergroup conflict.