Javier Sánchez-Díaz Emily Tarrant


The lived experience of men with learning difficulties and challenges (LDC) who have been convicted of a sexual offence has been under-researched. The present study examines the psychological world of this group of men and constructs that were identified from their participation in a purposely designed offending behaviour programme aimed to address their criminogenic needs called Living as New Me (LNM). A series of one to one semi-structured interviews were undertaken with four participants. The data analysis involved the transcription, coding and categorisation of descriptive information obtained through the use of semi-structured interviews with LDC men convicted of sexual offences and who had engaged in the LNM programme. Five themes were identified: experience, relationships, learning, motivation and responsivity. Recommendations were made by the participants as to how to improve the programme’s structure. It is hoped that the results of the present study will help shape the future delivery of LNM. Further research is required to examine the lived experience of men with LDC on the different strands of the LNM and across the new suite of HMPPS adapted programmes.