Patrick Freeman Mike Toyn


This study of first year undergraduate student teachers seeks to evaluate the impact of an ICT specialist theme module on student perceptions of creativity and how they utilise ICT to support creative learning whilst on placement in schools.

The module allows students to develop their understanding of what creativity is and how it might be developed through the use of digital technologies. Module feedback, interviews with students on placement and tutor reflections were combined to provide data to evaluate the impact of the module on student performance on placement.

This research found that many students valued their learning on the module and used it as the catalyst to implement the use of ICT in their teaching. It also found that the students consider themselves to be creative practitioners; however, not all of their decisions to use ICT in their teaching are underpinned by a strong creative rationale.

It also found that students demonstrated a developing critical understanding of how to develop creativity in the classroom and the role of ICT in achieving this.

Finally, it emerged that there were a number of barriers that students encountered which limited the extent to which they could implement ICT in support of developing creativity.

Keywords: ICT; creativity; placement; school; teaching; learning.


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