Amanda French Dinah Hobbs


This paper reports on a productive partnership between a University’s research unit and one local primary school, which is part of a bigger project, ‘Pupils as Research Partners in Primary (PARPP), which generally seeks to actively involve children as researchers in child-led research in a variety of school-based research initiatives. The paper describes and discusses a case study of 5-11 year-old pupils working as researchers.  It focuses on how the project gave them the opportunity to design and lead on the evaluation of a major, externally funded exhibition hosted by the school.  This experience had a beneficial effect on the pupils who enhanced their confidence and communication skills as well as learning about research processes.  It influenced how their school approached future externally-funded projects, and encouraged their teachers to think about using more child-led research as part of their everyday practice.  Lastly, it consolidated a new, research-based relationship between the school and a local university.