Michael Ievers


Recommendations of the European Parliament and of the Council (2006) defined Transversal Skills as those considered necessary for personal fulfilment, active citizenship, social inclusion, and employment. This study employed empirical qualitative and quantitative methodologies to investigate and understand the perceived impact of COVID-19 restrictions and increased reliance on remote education technologies upon transversal skills development, from the perspective of students of Initial Teacher Education at Stranmillis University College, Northern Ireland. The resulting knowledge would contribute to better informed planning for transversal skills development in Higher Education, and would additionally be of importance to stakeholders affected by COVID-19. This study indicates that more extensive integration of online learning within future higher education programmes would significantly improve the development of many transversal skills, but that a balance should be maintained between online and face-to-face engagement to prevent the regression of other transversal skills and to protect mental health.



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