Relasjoner som mulig risikofaktor


  • Marianne Vikanes
  • Suzann Steinvik


Microsystem, negative relationships, vulnerability, environment, Maslow, Bronfenbrenner, holistic perspective, risk of marginalization.


The relationships to the people around us strongly influence our development and contributes to shaping the adults we eventually become. In this article, we explore how the relationships within a young person's microsystem are of great importance. Through a qualitative inquiry and the narratives of a young woman, telling us about her life, we seek to understand the impact these relationships have had on her. The data, extracted from this study, has been examined utilizing the theories of Bronfenbrenner and Maslow as a framework. With their holistic perspective, we illuminate the different levels of vulnerability by considering the subject's continuous interaction with the environment. In conclusion, this article exemplifies how the presence of several negative relationships with regard to family and romantic interests can pose a considerable, cumulative risk of marginalizing and jeopardizing a young person.