Mobning som sociale eksklusionsprocesser – virkning og eftervirkning


  • Mette Elgaard Dyrholm
  • Camilla Haven Pagh


Bullying; exclusion; inclusion; narratives; positioning.


The debate about dropouts and marginalized young people is often narrowed down to being about socioeconomic status, gender, grades and educational level. The following paper contains a holistic analysis based on two interviews with two Danish young women who talk about bullying in their early school years. Even though, their narratives are different both women tell a story about the feeling of being excluded and ‘not fitting in’. The article will explore the phenomenon ‘bullying’ as an inclusion and exclusion process with great impact on both women’s adult lives. In their narratives we see how in- and exclusion processes can be both implicit and explicit, and throughout this paper we argue that both processes can be seen as bullying. The repercussions for both women are significant. We see Stine who developed a depression and reading difficulties, and struggles to make it through the educational system, and Marlene who positions herself as ‘different’ from the others and quits communities when facing difficulties.