Mark A. Minott


The purpose of this grounded approach study is to provide answers to the research question ‘what aspect(s) of schooling could newly qualified teachers contribute to, and why?’ Via emails, 22 newly qualified teachers (NQTs) from 10 countries provided answers to the research question. The analysis of the data revealed that NQTs thought attributional, informational and skill and ability based contributions and associated actions and activities could be made to various aspects of schooling. I define attributional contributions as actions and activities in which NQTs engage which are the results of personal qualities/attributes they possess, informational contributions as facts which NQTs share and gain via experience and/or initial teacher education and training, and skill and ability based contributions as school-based activities in which NQTs engage based on personal skills, abilities and interests. Examples of implications of the findings for policy and practice include schools’ leadership teams re-examining their views on the use of NQTs and the need to reduce negative human dynamics which prevent NQTs from being recognised and used.


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