Hazel Beadle


Drawing on an examination of the research literature and centring a debate around three main themes - (i) the nature of the school teaching role with a focus on stress and modelling, (ii) the role of government and the influence of globalisation, and (iii) the effect of technological competence (with social media examined as an example of that competence in action) - this paper highlights the need to focus on the relationship between school teachers and the technology that is available for use.  From the base point of acknowleding the role played by the school teaching community in delivering the future workforce, and highlighting the potential for an understanding of the nature of the relationship between school teachers and technology to have an impact beyond the profession's boundary, this paper identifies that there are significant gaps in the understanding of that relationship and that those gaps have resulted in some compromises being made.  Existing use of technology within the school teaching community is noted, along with acknowledgment that it need not be a positive relationship which exists between school teachers and technology.  The ever changing nature and capabilities of technology are highlighted as having an influence on the relationship.