Eleanor Power Paul Waring-Thomas


This paper outlines a small-scale Case Study, which took place in England, involving six School Direct Primary teacher trainees acting as participants. Important assessment points, evidencing progress against the Teachers' Standards, are ‘Units of Learning’. These contain sequences of lessons, planned and evaluated by the trainees, assessing impact on both pupils’ progress and their own professional development. The final element of each Unit is a critical reflection and it was felt this needed support. At the start of the project, the reflective elements of the Units of Learning were analysed and, using an online forum, participants shared their understanding of the term ‘critical reflection’. Responding to this, a teaching session, using both flipped learning techniques (Flipped Learning Network: 2014) and Loads’ ‘Cut up and Collage’ (2010) approach was designed to support their developing understanding: an approach that could also be applied in different context. It was hoped improved reflection about practice would lead to change and identifiable progress from ‘novice’ to ‘competence’. Subsequent Units of Learning were analysed following the intervention and participants’ opinions canvassed to assess how their reflections had developed. Findings revealed some improvement in critical thinking, with participants becoming more reflective about their personal and professional identities as teachers.