Pete Atherton


This paper evaluates the findings of a small scale research project into how trainee teachers can use technology for educational purposes. The paper is inspired by an apparent disconnect between the availability of educational technology (abbreviated from here to edtech) and the frequency and impact of its use. Furthermore, the paper aims to assess the extent to which trainee teachers are developing the skills and behaviours that are deemed necessary for the digital world. This paper’s focus is on the use of edtech with a cohort of trainee teachers. The first cohort is comprised of Secondary PGDE students, the second of PGCE trainee teachers specialising in Further Education and Training. A complementary element to the research reveals the disparities between individual trainees in their confidence towards using edtech and the barriers that are inhibiting the use of edtech. The work adheres to the principles of action research and was supported by two universities in the north of England. Through online questionnaires using Surveyhero.com, and focus groups, this paper raised some notable issues and areas for further study.