Sunil Pokhrel


Recent research has indicated that the utilization of digital technologies among Nepal's secondary school teachers is minimal. A multiple case study research design was employed to explore how Physics teachers at the secondary level utilized digital technologies for teaching Physics and the challenges they encountered in adopting new instructional tools. The study revealed that Physics teachers occasionally incorporated YouTube videos to aid in explaining complex concepts. However, the abundance of digital resources available for Physics classes remains significantly underutilized. Furthermore, students were not encouraged to engage in collaborative learning and communication platforms. Nepal’s Physics teachers faced various challenges, such as time constraints, in utilizing digital technologies for teaching purposes. These findings highlight the need for greater support and resources to assist teachers in overcoming these challenges and effectively integrating digital technologies into the classroom. This research provides valuable insights into the level of integration of digital technology in the classrooms of teachers who have access to digital resources and possess the necessary skills to use them effectively.Bottom of Form


Keywords: Nepal, digital technology, secondary teachers, physics