Stupid and lazy? When young people meet the educational system and confusion builds. Who is to blame? Perspectives from a series of experts


  • David Thore Graveson


This paper is based upon a research project named Marginalisation and Co-created Education (MaCE), revolving around young people that experienced dropout and severe challenges in their school life. The basis of the analyses are 13 interviews conducted with a specific interviewing technique called The Indirect Approach, developed by Norwegian researchers Geir H. Moshuus and Ketil Eide. The analysis is formed around four sections, whereas three are heavily driven by empirical findings, respectively focusing on experiences of neglect from schools, families and professional caregivers, experiences of care attention and joy and new ideas for schooling. The fourth is based on theoretical concepts from French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, focusing on the persistent nature of inequality in education. The last section poses concluding remarks on ambitions and strategies in the MaCE project.