Fra forskningsmetode til spørgeteknik i en socialfaglig praksis: Refleksioner over hvordan beboere, med en hjemløseproblematik, kan sættes i spil, i egen udviklingsproces


  • Thit Bjerre Hjortborg
  • Maria Normann Brøtker
  • Josefine Mark Raunkjær


This article, is based on a major research project, called MaCE - Marginalization and Co-created Education. The project is based on a qualitative interview- and research method, called the indirect approach. The method seeks to create a less structured framework that makes room for a new and different way of getting personal stories. With this article, we want to explore whether the method, that has been created for research contexts and the questioning technique from it, can be transferred, used and implemented in the social work practice. In addition, the article reflects on how ethical considerations, relationships and power play a role in all kinds of meetings with people receiving help. The article is aimed at professionals working in such a practice that wants inspiration and new perspectives on how this method, can make people in control of their own development process.