Nicola J Poppitt Yasser Iqbal


Inspired by a desire to improve the student experience, this paper reviews primary research carried out into the use of formative feedback within a Business School at a ‘new’ university in the UK. The research adopted a qualitative approach with key objectives to gain staff and student perspectives on the role and practice of feedback within the School. The initial findings have identified several issues: a need for greater consistency in the quality of the feedback; further opportunities to get feedback; and a need to understand the role accorded to feedback by the students, who see its value in terms of personal development and enhancing overall performance on assessed work. The research has been informed by, and, builds upon, existing literature in this area, for example: Pitts, 2005; Crisp, 2007; O’Brien and Sparshatt, 2007; Mutch, 2003. The findings are providing an impetus to develop current practice which is both effective and realistic and can be embedded in the School to enhance the student experience.