Madeleine Davies Emma Mayhew


This discussion outlines the work undertaken by the Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) Programme at the University of Reading between 2016 and 2018 to provide granular assessment information to support the work of personal tutors and the academic attainment of their students. This work was timely as it coincided with the introduction of a new tutoring structure at the University, the Academic Tutoring System (ATS), which replaced the existing Personal Tutor System, in September 2018.

Before this project began, personal tutors at Reading did not have timely access to their tutees’ detailed assessment data. In consultation with student focus groups, new screens within the online ‘Tutor Card’ were developed by the EMA Programme Team and rolled out in November 2017. This discussion assesses the reported impact on Tutors of assessment data availability and demonstrates the potential value of technology in improving the efficacy of the tutorial system.