Orla McSorley


Research has shown that positive effect parental engagement has with children’s academic achievement. The main aim of this study was to create a resource (Appendices 1 and 2) which would enable parents to help their children with mathematics. It is based on the teaching of fractions at KS3, a topic which literature has shown to be very problematic for both children and adults. The research questions considered in this project were to measure the effectiveness of a podcast for teaching fractions to parents and to explore if parents would use this resource to help their children. The podcast lasting approximately 8-10 minutes guides busy parents through a step to step guide of fraction equivalence whilst incorporating some activities so that parent can test their knowledge. The feedback received from parents was very positive with all parents agreeing that the use of podcasts was an enjoyable, interactive method of learning which would provide them with more confidence when helping their children with Mathematics.